To become a British citizen by naturalization, you need to pass the Life in the UK Test.

While the test is only 24 questions, the Home Office has hundreds of citizenship questions in its data bank to choose from. Where does that leave you? Needing to know as much as you can based on the handbook, Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents.

That's where Life in the UK Test comes in.

We provide exclusive access to practice test questions and detailed answers designed to help you pass your Life in the UK Test. Get started today and see how much easier it is to study the boring and difficult stuff.



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Step 1. Review the Handbook

The Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents handbook outlines all the areas you'll be tested on in the Life in the UK test. Once you get an idea of all the essential knowledge you need to learn to pass, then it's time to practice.

UseStep 2. Use Our Practice Tests

You can study, practice life in the UK test questions, and check your progress with mock tests and dashboard all in the same place. Our site offers all these features and more to help our users prepare with ease to pass their citizenship test.

Step 3. Pass Your Citizenship Test

Once you've gone through all the life in the UK practice test questions, and consistently pass your life in the UK mock tests, you are ready to sit the official test. Just like our past students, you too can pass your citizenship test with us.

Life In the UK Test

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Take the guesswork out of studying for your citizenship test. And let's get rid of any test anxiety you might have. You'll know exactly what to expect because we structure our practice test questions just like the real thing.

When the time comes for your citizenship test, you'll step in that room or get behind that computer with confidence. It's all self-paced so study at your own speed. And best of all, it's free and accessible anytime anywhere. So, don't put all your eggs in one basket by studying just the handbook. Make sure you're over prepared with the online practice tests designed solely to help you pass.

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Practice tests that help you pass your British Citizenship Test on your first try

Improved Retention

It's not just about memorizing the answers. It's about learning the information in a way that makes recall easy because you understand everything you'll be asked.

Interactive Learning

With immediate results and detailed explanations for each question, you stay engaged while learning all you need to pass your UK citizenship test on your first try.

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Learn from your mistakes and retry the difficult questions in your challenge bank. Stay focused and study at a faster pace so you're ready in no time.

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