The Faster Way to Study

Step 1. Get The Right Resources

Download the British citizenship test handbook. Titled Life in the United Kingdom Handbook: A Guide for New Residents, it outlines the topics you’ll be tested on.

Step 2. Practice Free Online Tests

Take as many practice tests as you want. You’ll answer real questions based on the handbook and user feedback. All free. No registration required. And get ready to pass.

Step 3. Pass Your Citizenship Test

Increase your chances of passing the official British citizenship test. You decide when you feel ready to sit the test based on how well-prepared you are using the practice tests.

More Effective than the Citizenship Handbook Alone

Practice Life In The UK Tests increases your chances of passing the British Citizenship Test. Take our free practice tests as often as you need until you feel ready to take on the official citizenship test.

The Ultimate Online British Citizenship Test Practice Questions

Based on the official citizenship handbook and study guide.

Did you know that most people can’t answer many of the questions on the British citizenship test? The test has even been criticised a lot because of the type of questions asked. Questions that most people won’t know even after living in the UK their entire life.

This, along with the amount of information you need to learn, makes the British Citizenship Test even harder to pass. So, you will need to study. And study hard.

But you can study smarter and get better results than many people who take the Life In The UK test.

You can take the right practice Tests. Review the test questions and answers. Learn as you go. Try and repeat. You’ll learn faster and more effectively.

Then, when you continuously answer your questions correctly or pass the practice tests multiple times in a row, you’re ready to sit your citizenship test.

The British Citizenship Test Practice Site that will help you ace your Life in the UK Test

You’ll quickly boost your chances of passing the British citizenship test with these practice test questions that are just like the official exam.

Like The Real Thing

Questions are nearly identical to the ones on the actual test. Our questions are unique for the British experience and how you’ll be tested on your knowledge of British past and current affairs.

Easy to Use Site

Just click and get going. No complicated course access or subscription. No log-in or registration needed. Simply click through to the questions and start practising. Or try the many mock exams.

Free Access Online

No need to pay to access the material needed to pass your citizenship test. Instead, click to start multiple free British citizenship practice tests or try the hundreds of free practice questions.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Some topics and questions need a little more attention than others. So, retest on the questions you answer incorrectly with the challenge bank. It automatically stores the ones you get wrong.

Immediate Feedback

When using our online British citizenship practice test questions, you get instant colour-coded results. You also get a detailed explanation of the answers, so you’ll learn faster while you study.

Interactive Learning

You’re prepared more effectively and undertake rapid learning. The interactive learning process keeps you engaged even when your eyes want to glaze over as you review the lengthy study material.

Ready to pass your British citizenship test?

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The scientifically proven way to study to pass your test

Research shows that using practice tests improves pass rates. It doesn’t matter which type of test you’re doing. And those chances increase even more when you take practice tests in the same way as you will be tested.

We designed our practice website to improve how our users learn and study. Like those who have gone before, you’ll move faster through the material and retain more.

Our practice tests cover all the topics in the citizenship test. You won’t need to worry about missing any information. So, get ready to sit your citizenship test with us and see why we can help you:

Increase Self-Confidence

We help you get familiar with the test format and test questions, so you won’t be surprised on test day. You’ll feel confident that you can pass the test in no time.

Study Better and Faster

Study better with online practice tests than reading the handbook alone. Retake your toughest questions and learn from your mistakes with the challenge bank.

Improve Test Results

You’ll get questions designed to be just like the real citizenship test. They are current and correct based on the updated handbook so you can pass your first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs – LifeInTheUKTest

The British citizenship test is officially called the Life in the United Kingdom Test. It is a computer-based test of 24 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 45 minutes. It is a test for people applying for British citizenship or Indefinite Leave to Remain. The test assesses people’s knowledge of British life and English Language proficiency.

The Life in the UK Test covers these core areas of knowledge:

  • What is the UK
  • The UK’s Long and Industrious History
  • The Values & Principles of the UK
  • UK as a Modern, Thriving Society
  • The UK Government, the Law, and Your Role

For more information, check the official handbook and citizenship test study guide – Life in the United Kingdom Handbook: A Guide for New Residents.

Our test platform is designed to help users study faster and retain more so they can pass their citizenship test on the first try.

You get free access to our database of tried and proven practice test questions, challenge bank, and mock exams – everything you need to breeze through your citizenship test.

Book your British citizenship test online at least 3 days before you want to sit it. You should only try to book online at the official Home Office website.

Book your citizenship test online here.


Our Best Articles To Read

If you want to naturalise as a British citizen or get your Indefinite Leave to Remain, you need to pass the British citizenship test.

Also known as the Life in the UK Test, the citizenship test requires you to get a minimum of 18 out of 24 questions correct (75%) to pass. You get 45 minutes to answer your 24 multiple-choice questions.

You’ll know immediately after you finish whether you’ve passed or failed.

Eligibility requirements for the citizenship test

To be eligible to apply for citizenship, you must meet any one of the following criteria:

  • Born in the UK (depending on when you were born or your parents’ circumstances, you may not have automatic citizenship being born in the UK)
  • Married to or in a civil partnership with a British citizen
  • Have Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Settled status under the EU settlement scheme

There are other criteria for citizenship. You can learn more about them at the government website here.

Exemptions for the citizenship test

Once you’re eligible to apply for citizenship, you must sit and pass the citizenship test unless exempted because you:

  • Are under 18 or over 65 years of age
  • Have a long-term mental or physical condition confirmed in writing by a doctor

Studying for the citizenship test

The first step in preparing for the citizenship test is getting the British citizenship handbook. Titled Life in the United Kingdom Handbook: A Guide for New Residents, it details the information you should study. This information covers:

  • UK history
  • The British government
  • UK geography
  • Local culture
  • The law and your role in society

Now, it’s time to find practice tests to help you prepare to pass.

Do you know how old you need to be to play the UK national lottery?

Do you know what a Crown Dependency is, and which ones are not considered a part of the UK? The workings of the National Assemblies in Northern Ireland and Wales? Which nations make up the UK, and which one of those 4 has roast beef as their national dish?

If you’re wondering, what are we going on about … well then you should have been reviewing your British citizenship practice questions from last week.

These are just an idea of the types of questions you could be asked when you sit the British citizenship test.

What to practice for your British citizenship test?

As outlined in the citizenship handbook, you may be asked to answer questions about:

  • The values and principles of the UK
  • Traditions and culture from around the UK
  • The events and people that have shaped the history of the UK
  • The UK government and the law
  • Getting involved in your community

You need to study carefully as the test questions on these topics have such similar options as answers that it is easy to pick the wrong one if you don’t know the material.

That’s why most people who pass their citizenship test do so because they used online practice test questions.

Prepare for the life in the UK test with our new 3rd edition online citizenship practice test questions and answers. They are based on the current edition of the study guide and are perfect to help you pass.

Get started today.

Everyone’s test preparation will be different. But there are a few common things that ensure most people can pass their British citizenship test on their first attempt.

Here are 5 proven tips for preparing to pass your citizenship test the first time.

1. Know what to expect on the test

This means downloading the handbook and reviewing it to see what is included in each section. The practice tests also help in this aspect. You see how the questions can be formatted and know what is likely to come on the official test.

2. Review all subject areas

There are 5 main areas, and you want to know all the information from each section. You won’t know which areas your 24 British citizenship test questions will come from. That’s why it’s critical to study all of the information.

3. Practice your English language skills

If English is not your first language and you don’t feel as comfortable reading and writing as yet, then put in some language practice.

While the test isn’t an English language test like the A’ levels or IELTS, it is only offered in English. So, you need to be able to read and write in English to ensure you can understand the questions asked, no matter how they phrase it.

4. Use practice test questions

Online citizenship practice test question sites like ours with hundreds of test questions ensures you have questions to cover the entire study guide and handbook.

5. Get plenty of practice

Like everything else in life, passing your citizenship test requires practice. You’ll retain more information using practice tests with detailed explanations than just reading the handbook alone.

We offer a replicated exam experience through our online practice tests.

Here’s what we mean by that.

  • Similar Test Questions

The questions are just like the ones you’ll see on the official test. In fact, you’ll find that they are virtually identical to the ones you’ll get on the official test.

  • Same Number of Questions

The practice tests have the same number of questions as the real test. We also give you options for marathon sessions where you can do more questions than the official test limit.

  • Detailed explanations

While not like the official test, this aspect of our platform allows you to study while you track your progress. You get a detailed explanation of the answers to each question.

Why is this duplicated citizenship exam experience important?

It ensures you aren’t surprised on test day. It gives you more confidence that you can tackle any question that comes on the test. It’s the most effective way to prepare for your citizenship test if you want to pass on your first try.

We know it works because we see the results from our users. They get passes on their first try. And if it’s their second attempt at the test, they realise why they failed the first time and see how much easier it would have been if they had just tried our practice questions first.

If you want to see what we mean by a replicated exam experience, try your first mock exam or British citizenship test questions.