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The sole purpose of this documentation is to inform the readers about the terms and conditions of the company by which they have to comply while hiring the offered services.

While reading the terms of service, it is important to note down the use of following terminologies

  • The words "You", "Your", and "Client" refers to the person who is accessing this website or aiming to utilize the services offered by this website
  • If you come across the words "Ourselves", "Us", and "We", it refers to the company itself
  • The words "Parties", "Party", and "Client" can reflect both ourselves and the client, or any single one of the two entities

It is also important to note that the enlisted terms and conditions are not permanent, they may change over time. In any case of a change in terms and conditions, we are not responsible to inform the client. Therefore, it is advised to please review the terms and conditions of the company regularly to avoid any inconvenience.

Acceptance of Agreement

This site is owned and managed by LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK. In case the client is aged under 18, it is advised to please ask your parents or guardians to read the terms and conditions for you to make an informed decision before acceptance.

The client needs to read and accept the listed terms and conditions. The company will not be responsible for any outcomes outside the scope of these policies. If you are not willing to accept these conditions, it is requested not to use this service.


The Company does not provide a guarantee, warranty, or any other provision for the promising accuracy and authenticity of the information provided on this website in case of third party products and offered content. If there is any harm or loss caused by that content, the company will not be liable. Therefore, the user of this service should note that any type of direct or indirect harm caused to them by using the website's content will not be recovered by us. This can include but is not limited to the following aspects

  • Company/Enterprise/Business
  • Income or Profits
  • Goodwill
  • Earning Capacity
  • Property
  • Physical or Mental Health
  • Data
  • Tangible or Intangible

Authorized clients have been notified verbally or in the writing form of possibilities of such damage even if they are caused by our negligence.

The company also holds permission by law to modify or withdraw any type of content or service that is being offered on the website.

Limitations of Services

The company only offers online theory tests for achieving optimum results in your theory test. It is important to note that we do not provide the theory test's booking service. It is advised for the clients to only rely on the official DVSA site for the booking of their theory test.

In terms of service availability, the company does not provide any warranty that the provided services would stay uninterrupted in terms of any circumstances. There can be delays in time or errors but the Company intends to provide the best possible service. Other than that, the company also does not provide any warranty in line with the exceptional quality, functionality, and the availability of the provided service or content on this website.

Liabilities by Law

The client needs to understand that there is a high degree of intensity in competition in this online business. Therefore, we tend to limit our liabilities to a certain extent. Consequently, if the client feels that he/she cannot comply with the following conditions, the registration process will not be started.

The Company holds certain liabilities under the law:

  • In case the Company provides services that are limited to the amount paid by you in case of any related content, we will be liable to you

The Company is not liable to the following aspects under the law

  • In case the Company fails to retain the quality, availability, and functionality of the content or service, it will not be held liable
  • In case of any damage or loss of data, software, or hardware, the Company will not be held liable

If you continue the registration process after reading these conditions, it will be assumed that you have agreed upon all the above-stated terms of services.


Users can access this website without any registration process. However, access to the training content and test would require you to go through the registration process. The registration process will require you to set a username and password. The email address will also be required for your registration process.

When the registration process will be completed, the clients are advised to save the password and username that they have set to access the services. You need to maintain the confidentiality of the password that you have set. In case of loss of password or any inconvenience caused to the client due to the inability to keep the confidentiality of this password, the company will not be held liable. You can also notify in case of any suspected unauthorized use of a password that you have set. Still, the website does not hold any liability in case you fail to comply with the password security instructions discussed herein.

In terms of the email address, it is also advised to the clients to provide that email which will help us in providing you with up to date notices through mail. The electronic messages may include notifications, amendments, communications, and others. In case of a change in the email address, the clients can notify us through the customer support service.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is also discussed briefly. Please check the privacy policy.

Rights to Use Content

All rights of the content on this website are reserved by LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK. The content can only be used by the Company and its licensors. In case you have been offered a limited subscription to our services and content, you can use the content for that particular duration of the subscription. It is prohibited for you to amend, publish, or use the content for any personal purpose. This content is also not for any commercial use.

In case of any violation of such terms and conditions, LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK holds the right to suspend the services that it offers to the particular client at any time. The notice of suspension of service is also not necessary.

Intellectual Property Rights

As discussed previously, the content presented in the online sessions, and this website cannot be modified, transformed, published, or used for other personal purposes. All rights of contents are reserved by LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK. Other than the company itself, the licensors can access the available content. The content offered on this website is also protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other related intellectual property rights laws.

Payment for Subscription

All prices presented on this website for the services are inclusive of all the taxes and duties. The content on this website needs to be purchased at the given price for access. LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK also holds the right to make changes to the prices of subscription at any time.

In terms of the payment method, after the subscription information is filled, the client will be landed to a secure page to choose the online payment method. After confirmation of the details, the payment will be debited from the account of the client. LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK also holds all rights to suspend the payment methods offered by clients any time they want. No notice is required for that purpose.

Refund Policy

In case the client has not started to use the service, they can cancel their subscription at any time and get a refund. However, if the client has started accessing the online content, the payment will not be refunded. In this case, the client cannot ask for the money back.

It is also important for the client to understand that the company is not responsible if the client fails in the test. Every client may have different intellectual capabilities, and LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK does not provide any guarantee for the success in the test. In the case of failure in the test, the money will not be refunded.

General Terms and Conditions

The company is not liable for any failure in complying with the documented terms and conditions if the circumstances are out of commonsensical control.

Revisions in Terms and Conditions

The clients need to review the terms and policies by LifeInTheUKTest.CO.UK from time to time. The company can change or modify any policy without any official notice to the clients.

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