What Happens if you Fail Life in the UK Test

What Happens if you Fail Life in the UK Test


A lot of people migrate to the UK for better opportunities and a good lifestyle. Many people dream of becoming a part of Britain. However, this was tough in the past. Life in the UK Test was implemented in 2005 so that immigrants can acquire British Citizenship with ease. The test is designed to determine your understanding and dedication towards British customs, values, history and laws.

The test is computer-based and consists of 24 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), to be completed within a 45-minute time frame. To successfully pass the exam, you must achieve a score of 18 out of 25. This implies that you can answer 6 questions incorrectly while still meeting the passing criteria.

What Happens if you Fail the Exam

It can be disheartening to fail the exam but don't worry, it's not uncommon. People fail the exam due to various reasons which we will discuss in detail here. Not passing the Life in the UK Test is not the end of the world. You rebook the test after 7 days and give it again. There is no limitation to the number of attempts. If you can't pass the exam the first time, then with proper preparation, you might ace the exam in the next attempt.

Why Candidates Fail the Exam

It is important to analyze various reasons for failing the exam in the first attempt. It is essential to learn from your mistakes and focus on your weak areas.

Poor Command in English

English is the national and official language of the UK, so it is important to learn this language to clear the test. Candidates with an English level below entry level 3 are unable to understand the test. You can always improve your English by attending ESOL classes along with British Citizenship classes

Lack of Preparation

Learning only from the official handbook isn't enough. The book only provides you with the topics. It is the candidate's responsibility to search and learn each topic in depth. You can use various sources like listening to podcasts, watching documentaries and reading more books. You can also practice life in the UK Test before the actual exam. These mock tests will give you an idea of the test format and its difficulty level.

Analyzing Your Performance

By analyzing your mistakes, you can enhance your preparation. Review the questions that challenged you the most and work on them. You can also use different study materials and explore additional resources. You can also take help from the candidates who passed the exam and engage in group study with them.


A lot of individuals lose confidence and panic during the exam. You can use different techniques to calm yourself e.g. closing your eyes and taking deep breaths. Keep telling yourself that "you can do it" Remember, you won't be able to interpret questions during the exam if you are anxious.

Review Your Test Result

Your test results appear in the LitUK account with your answers. It gives you an idea of the topics that need improvement. You can use a handbook or the internet to find correct answers. It is important to jot them down. Memorizing them will help you answer similar questions in the next attempt.

Do not forget to read your notification letter of British citizenship. It will help you to highlight your weak areas during your preparation.

Alternative Leave to Remain

If you have ILR, make sure it does not expire before the test so that you are always eligible to appear for the test. If in case your ILR expiry date is near, you are always welcome to visit the Home Office to apply for further leave to Remain. If you are caught with expired leave to remain, the UK government will take legal action and you might get deported from the UK.

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